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A Grit Classifier that provides positive separation from foul
and odorous organic solids


The demand for cleaner and biodegradable free, waste products is growing with the introduction of increasing legislation from governing bodies.

Historically grit from sewage has always had demands made upon it with respect to an organics content. Good attempts have been made to achieve the best possible separation but, in reality, few operating plants are successful.

By developing this new concept to produce a consistently clean grit, other spin-off benefits are realised.

a) A clean grit product means a valuable reduction in volume for removal from site.

b) Potential for odour is removed. The present trend is to have preliminary works within a building. Storage of the product now becomes acceptable under these conditions.

c) Because the Titling Trough Classifier is designed to handle gross solids, the primary grit removal system can be located upstream of the screening phase. The advantage of removing the abrasive wear from the screens results in less maintenance and longer life.

How It Works

Flow through of the water and solids deposits the grit on the floor of the tilting trough. These are washed, then flushed in the tilted mode into the screw dewatering/ conveyor positioned below. Dewatered grit is then deposited for loading and removal from site.


The grit/solids and water mixture are delivered to the Titling Trough Classifier from the primary grit separating system. Heavy duty pumps will be used.

The usual pumping duties will be via 100mm nominal bore pipes. The normal recommended flow rate being 151/ sec. This flow rate is easily accommodated in the Titling Trough Classifier.

The maximum flow rate acceptable is 23L/ sec. for the normal grit-capture specification of  0.2mm dia. and 2.65 specific gravity.

Flow rates in excess of the maximum stated may be possible when grit capture specifications are relaxed or when the configuration can be modified.

  • Simple, constant velocity principles.
  • Two piece construction provides a flexible approach to designs.
  • Stainless steel fabrication gives a clean and maintainable appearance.
  • Very few moving parts for long life and durability.
  • The machine handles a mixture of solids from unscreened sewage sources.
  • Classified grit is free of putrescible solids, therefore volume reduction is achieved.
  • Storage of the disposable waste product can be tolerated in enclosed spaces.




New Product

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