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MEVA shaftless screw conveyors are used for dust and odor free transport of numerous materials such as dewatered sludge, pulp, wood chips, sawdust, chemicals, slaughter-house refuse, garbage, scrap metal, pellet fuel etc. Because the spirals are shaftless, the conveyors are particularly suited for transporting materials which tend to jam, material containing particles of varied sizes which often tend to form "bridges," hygienic material, and material of a sticky nature. Since it is possible to feed directly into the side of a second conveyor and even transport vertically, compact, space-saving installations are possible.

Meva Spiral Conveyor

The shaftless screw conveyors, which are manufactured in eight standard sizes, usually have stainless steel U-troughs with replaceable wear liners of UHMW PE plastic (PEHD 1000) or of special steel or stainless steel depending on the material to be transported. Bolted lids provide full protection during operation and allow for easy maintenance. Tube conveyors and troughs with special shapes and sizes can also be made on request.

Normally, the conveyors are designed for shaft mounted helical-gear motors as specified by the customer and can be delivered with or without these drive units. The unique mounting flange and drive shaft can be supplied to fit most standard drive units. A robust mounting plate and shaft seal assure trouble-free operation, easy maintenance, and long life. Chain or belt transmission is also possible should this be necessary, and although the spiral is normalIy only supported on the drive end, shafts and bearings can be fitted on both ends.

Inlets, outlets, slide gates, inspection covers, mounting brackets, supports and other accessories are available in numerous sizes and types and are fitted according to each individual customer's needs and specifications.

Our engineering department will gladly help you in determining the proper size and type of conveyor needed, the drive unit required and in the choice of optional accessories.

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