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Dewatering Made Easy. Take the Complexity from the Process.

The VoR Sludge Dehydrator brings revolutionary technology to sludge dewatering.

This process has made possible the direct dewatering of low concentration oxidation ditch or waste activated sludge. The already proven superior performance of the Sludge Dehydrator is the result of joint research by the developers of the technology with the Japan Sewage Works Agency.

The unique design of the Sludge Dehydrator allows 24 hr unattended operation 7 days per week, eliminating the need for larger and more expensive dewatering plants that can only be operated 7 hours per day 5 days per week.


The Sludge Dehydrator consists of a series of aligned rings with a variable pitch auger running through their center.

Every second ring is fixed to a barrel assembley and seperated by spacers. Intermediary rings are free to move. The internal diameter of the fixed rings is larger than the diameter of the auger. The intermediary rings have an internal diameter slightly less than the auger and hence are moved in an orbital motion as the auger turns.

The movement of the intermediary rings constantly cleans the barrel assembly allowing free drainage of water.

This arrangement allows for extremely low power draw.

Dilute sludge is introduced into a flocculator tank at the rear of the unit and mixed with a polymer solution to produce floccs.

The floccs overflow into the barrel and are drained of free water as they are transported along the auger.

Final compression of the sludge cake at the end of the auger is enhanced by decreasing both the pitch of the auger and the spacing between the fixed and intermediary rings.

This arrangement eliminates the need for high pressure sprays and any accompaning noise and “misting” that is always a problem with the use of spray systems.


** Direct Dewatering of Thin Sludges **

** Operator Free Operation **

** 24 Hour Unattended Running **

** Small Footprint **

** Silent Operation **

** No High Pressure Sprays **

** Easy Low Maintenance **

** Low Power Consumption **



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VoR Sludge Dehydrator. Dewatering is now made easier. Take the complexity from the process.