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  • Efficient Washing

  • Savings in Disposal and Transport Costs

  • Minimisation of Odour

  • Low Maintenance

  • Loss of Ignition 1-3%

The MEVA Sand Washer was developed to wash and dewater sand from sand traps.

In traditional sand traps there is no separation of the organic and non-organic material, therefore the organic material that is captured in the sand trap can be as high as 30-80%. MEVA Sand Washer reaches a reduction of the sands organic content to a loss of ignition of 1-3%. This is the level that is prescribed internationally.

The operational advantage is a lower amount of sand and also savings in transport and disposal costs.

The slurry mix of sand, water and organic material is pumped from the sand trap into the MEVA Sand Washer via the inlet pipe. The inlet is placed on top of the tank.

With the help of the hydraulic conditions in the conical tank, the sand and the organic material is separated from the sand mix. The water is removed on the upper part of the tank via the outlet pipe. The larger part of the organic material in the sand is washed out with an integrated washing system and is removed via an organic outlet. This is flushed before opening in order to keep the outlet free from clogging.

An agitator increases the separation during the refilling and the washing cycle. At prescribed sand level, the integrated level detector activates the sand conveyor. The washed sand is dewatered during its transportation to the outlet.

Before Meva Sand Washer Treatment

After Meva Sand Washer Treatment




SWA 10

SWA 20

Capacity sand/water 4-6 l/s 8-121 l/s 16-22 l/s
Maximam out take of sand 0,6 m³/h 0,6 m³/h 0,6 m³/h
Motor 2x0,37 kW 2x0,37 kW 2x0,37 kW
Overall length of unit (mm) 3910 5400 5440
Width of unit (mm) 1680 1970 2400
Total height of unit (mm) 2260-2600 3040-3370 3040-3370



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