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For Large Pools, Olympic Pools and Recreational Parks

With over 20 years as a market leader for automatic pool cleaners for big swimming pools VoR WEDA stands for quality, reliability and excellent performance. We develop and manufacture our pool cleaners with the most demanding customers in mind. This ensures that our pool cleaners perform well – day after day. The VoR WEDA range includes both manual and automatic pool cleaners. The B400 automatic pool cleaners are ideal for cleaning swimming pools with a length of up to 25 meters. The B400 comes with either static or rotating brushes. For olympic size and outdoor swimming pools we developed the B600 and B680 robots. High suction capacity and large suction width ensure rapid cleaning as well as excellent cleaning results even for the busiest pools.

Buying a VoR WEDA pool cleaner means

Good lifetime economy. VoR WEDA pool cleaners are built to do the job every day of the year – over and over again. The robust construction means very little maintenance and good lifetime economy.

A job well done. Pump capacities reaching over 1000 litres per minute, rotating brushes and filters trapping particles as small as 0,07mm guarantee a clean pool every day you open the doors.

Easy operation
VoR WEDA pool cleaners require no programming or start-up procedures. Automatic operation means your staff can do other things whilst the robot is cleaning the pool. Plug it in, position the robot in the corner and push FORWARD - and off it goes. The timer function enables you to clean the pool when it best suits you, for example after open hours or at night.


New Product

VoR Sludge Dehydrator. Dewatering is now made easier. Take the complexity from the process.