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Meva Perforated Band Screen

MEVA Perforated Screen MPS

The horizontal brushes of the MEVA MPS

The vertical brushes of the MEVA MPS


  • Combined brushing and flushing system prolongs the life time
  • No openings between filter elements
  • Unique design of filter elements gives up to 30% larger filter surface
  • No rakes on filter elements result in less wear on brushes
  • Fully enclosed screen results in less odour problems
  • Maintenance friendly

MEVA MPS consists of a special designed filter band, operated by two chains. The screenings are scraped off, at the discharge point, by a continuously working combined cleaning system. In addition to the brushes the cleaning system consists of an effective and cost efficient high pressure flushing system. This prevents inner contamination of the screen and flushes the screenings down in a press or container. On conventional systems the brushes need to be equipped with very hard bristles to achieve effective cleaning. The big disadvantage of this is that the brushes wear out the filter elements and make them weaker.

Additionally, the brush itself is worn down and needs to be replaced resulting in large costs. Because of the combined flush and brush cleaning of the MEVA MPS, the life time of both the brush and filter elements is extended.

An additional advantage with MEVA MPS is the special design of the filter band. On conventional systems the filter elements are hung individually on the chain. Between these filter elements a relatively large opening remains. Through these openings long fibres and threads can pass through the screen, which in turn can cause problems in the following processes. MEVA MPS stands out because the filter band is a closed system, which results in a tight filter band without any openings. This makes it possible to ensure prevention of unwanted fibres or threads passing through the screen. Hence, MEVA MPS works without risking problems in the following processes.

The design of the filter elements has shown significant operational and economical advantages. Due to that the filter elements has, depending on area of use, a polygon or wave shaped design, it's possible to realise a much larger projected filter area, compared to conventional square, convex or concave shaped designs. The unique design of the MEVA MPS makes it possible to achieve a 30% larger efficient filter surface, which enables the filter to handle a higher flow with the same screen size. Inversely, this also means that a smaller and more cost effective screen can be used.

The carrier brings up larger waste
like bottles and cans.

Another advantage is the special designed carrier with the purpose of bringing up waste like cans, paper and branches out of the channel. Conventional systems have carriers consisting of a number of rake teeth spread over the entire screen length. On MEVA MPS the filter elements are instead shaped to achieve the same result. In other words, the carrier is folded into the design of the filter element. This design enables not only the possibility of bringing up waste, but also the possibility of achieving full filter effect. This due to the fact that filter elements with carriers, just like normal filter elements, are made of perforated steel plates. Further, this detail is a clear advantage compared to conventional products, since it extends the life time of the brushes. The reason for this is that the brushes aren't worn down from rake teeth, which is often the case in conventional systems.

With the special developed technical and process related progresses of the MEVA MPS, it's possible to get not only a better sludge quality but also to significantly cut investment and maintenance costs.



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