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For factories, plants, workshops and recycling and reuse of process water.

Separating clean oil from industrial process waters is a strong demand of today´s world industries.  To get rid of the oil and water mixture by wasting lots of water and using non efficient separators belongs to process water “management” of yesterday.  Today water is becoming rare and expensive.  Modern and high efficient solutions are asked for and an active recycling of resources.  Oil separating basins of the traditional construction still waste a lot of water and money.

The demand is - Collect the oil and let the water and the oil return into the production process!


The VoR Oil Skimmer works according to the principle of adhesion.

The oil sticks to the smooth inner and outer surfaces of the 2 tubes. The water stays back. The constantly rotating tubes pull the oil, which is like a film, off the water surface and transports it to two strip-off lips per tube fastened inside and outside of the tube surfaces. With collecting channels, the stripped off oil is lead to a pre collection tank at the rear of the skimmer and from there by a non emulsifying pump to the main collection tank.  This tank usually stands outside the separating basin or tank.


Due to the collection of the oil from the surface of the water, the skimmer pulls off mostly just oil when working in a closed oil layer and nearly no water.  The oil collecting efficiency in closed oil slicks comes up to 95% pure oil.  The more oil available the higher  the efficiency of the skimmer.  The main collection tank will not be filled with mostly water but oil.  Due to its low draught of max. 200- 300 mm the skimmer is able to operate on nearly all oil separating arrangements.


The medium oil skimmer has:-

  • 1outside tube -500 mm long – 300 mm dia
  • 1 inside tube - 500 mm long – 150 mm dia

With sufficient oil supply on the water surface and direct feed to the front inlet of the skimmer by light stream, the skimmer separates up to 1,2 m³ oil/h with little water content.

Pictures of Medium Skimmer

Medium Skimmer Medium Skimmer Medium Skimmer
Medium Skimmer Medium Skimmer Medium Skimmer
Medium Skimmer


Due to its moderate weight of approx. 45 kg (compressed air supply equipment) or 65 kg (electric air supply equipment) the floating skimmer can be handled very comfortably.   The skimmer can be used both as a mobile unit – usable on different oil separating basins – or fixed without floats in the basin. The skimmer doesn't need skilled personnel for operation.


PREFERRED: Compressed air. Minimum pressure for the medium skimmer 3-4 bar with 80 l air pressure tank.  During the normal run 2-3 bar is sufficient.

Compressed air is the most recommended power supply for this machine.

  • There is no danger in connection with oil and petrol
  • easy to install
  • uses a lighter and cheaper motor and pump in comparison to electricity and hydraulic power
  • can easily be regulated, and
  • compressed air supply equipment is available in most factories, plants and workshops.

Electric and hydraulic drive is also available on demand.


Double diaphragm or hose pump.


Approx. 85 kgs with compressed air supply equipment, 95 kgs with electric power equipment.


All metal parts including bearings are of stainless and seawater resistant steel.

The plastic rollers and rings are of POM. The total skimmer cannot rust.


The oil skimmer is nearly free of maintenance demands.  After finishing a job it is cleaned with a hot steam cleaner, preferably while the tube's inside and outside surfaces are turning around.  The oil transportation pipes and the pre collection tank are emptied and cleaned. 

During storage the machine should be protected against dirt and dust by a cover.


Approx. 1500 x 980 x 600 mm (L/W/H) with compressed air supply equipment and floats.


  • Supersonic oil level control in connection with the pump
  • Electric time set control for the pump



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