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The Ideal Solution for Water Filtration On:-

  • sewage treatment plants
  • paper manufacturing, textile and food processing industry
  • power stations
  • fish farms
  • zoos

Microscreen Drum Filters Ensure:-

  • completely automatic operation
  • low operational costs
  • large flow capabilities in a small footprint
  • stainless steel construction resists corrosion even in harsh environments
  • internal non-metal components are non-corrosive and highly resistant to wear

The unique design of the microscreen drum filter maximizes the surface area of the filtration media to achieve high removal efficiency with minimal investment and operating costs. Each filter is supplied fully optimized for each particular filtration application. 

Model BMF Microscreen Filters operate on the gravity filtration principle


Three models are available:-

BMF-B2  -  for installation into concrete channel or channels. The basic version is suitable particularly for single unit applications.

BMF-BK2  - for installation in concrete channels. A cover with continuous opening is added. We recommend this version particularly for larger applications where two or more filters are installed.

BMF-O  -  supplied in a stainless steel tank. This model of the filter is designed to be located above ground with input and output pipe stubs integral to the stainless steel tank.

  • The simple construction of the filters allows for quick visual inspection of all parts including the filtration media.
  • The filters are made of high quality stainless steel.
  • It is not necessary to use special filtration grates or frames with fixed filtration cloth. You can easily fix the filtration media or metal sieve without any adjustments.
  • No cisterns for catching and taking away filtrate are necessary. Each unit comes complete with a mudwell, and is offered with a gravity feed discharge pipe or available with an optional mudwell pump.
  • No outside source of backwash water is necessary; the filters are equipped with their own backwash pumps that use filtered water to clean the filtration media.
  • Pumps for filtered water transport are not necessary, the filtration is gravitational with headloss being only 250 – 400 mm.



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