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Rotoscreen is a fine-bar screening device for fully-automated removal of coarse solids from municipal and industrial waste water. The working principle is ingeniously simple, using rows of self cleaning screening bars in a staircase configuration. Every other bar is fixed and the remaining ones are part of a movable fixture which revolves upward to deposit screenings on the next "step" up, lifting them step-by-step for discharge at the top.

Rotoscreen features optimized-cycle control to minimize wear and maximize screening efficiency. The operating cycle is regulated by waste water level, allowing screenings to gather and form a fine-mesh precoat which is removed once waste water backs up to trigger the next cycle.

Rotoscreen has an excellent reputation for trouble-free operation thanks to simple, exceptionally robust design. Rotoscreen is available in sizes from 50l/sec to 3000l/sec with bar spacing from 2 to 6mm.  Today there are Rotoscreen installations at both large and small sewage treatment plants allover the globe.

Major plants where Rotoscreen treats more than 20001/sec. include Wellington in New Zealand, Winnmalee in Australia, Salzburg in Austria, Lublin and Krakow in Poland, VEAS in Norway, Kappala in Sweden and in Jerusalem.

 Meva Rotoscreen


Monoscreen, based on a unique MEVA patent, is designed for small and medium sized sewage treatment plants requiring a high degree of separation. It is a further developed, smaller version of Rotoscreen, optimized with a combination of simpler technology, fewer moving parts and improved separation. The working principle is similar to Rotoscreen, but with the movable screening bars operated by single eccentric drive wheel at the top and a linear guide at the bottom to provide a progressive elliptical movement.

Monoscreen also features water-level cycle control. With Monoscreen, the concept of utilizing screenings as a filtration precoat has been further refined by a unique and gentle pattern of motion. This ensures perfect precoat formation and avoids agitation or grinding of the screenings to provide 40% better separation.

Monoscreen can be installed in stainless steel containers as well as conventional concrete channels. Monoscreen is a small and handy machine, easy to install and service (some models weigh less than 100 kg). Monoscreen's degree of separation is far higher than most other systems, even fully capable of replacing traditional sieves without loss of separation.

Meva Monoscreen Meva Monoscreen

Unsurpassed advantages of Monoscreen and Rotoscreen

SELF-CLEANING - Works perfectly without water consuming spraying, regardless of grease, rags or grit

PRECISE BAR WIDTH - Important to process consistency

REPLACEABLE WEAR PARTS - Long life at low cost

CONTINUOUS PRECOAT - 40% more sceenings removed (applies to Mono- screen only)

MINIMUM OF MOVING PARTS - Low service costs

LOW INITIAL THRESHOLD - With effective anti-blocking feature

HIGH CAPACITY/LOW PRESSURE LOSS - Makes replacing old, coarse-bar screens possible without rebuilding.

COMPACT DESIGN - Small, low-cost installation envelope



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