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VoR Vortex Fine Filter (WFF2)

For Clean Water in Cisterns and Water Installations in the House

  • connects to the drain in the ground
  • use for roof areas of up to 500sqm
  • more than 90% rainwater collected
  • minimum maintenance
  • the water flow in the appliance is not constricted or obstructed
  • the unique construction of the vertically placed fine filter rinses out dirt particles larger than 0.18mm, moss, leaves and insects into the drain.
Vortex Fine Filter

Fitted to a horizontal drain pipe, the WFF filters and diverts the rainwater to a storage cistern. The incoming rainwater runs out of the horizontal drain pipe into the side of the WFF and is then led in a vortex to the filter housing below. There, the rainwater is drawn through the vertically placed fine filter by adhesion and is led through the outlet to the storage cistern. The dirt is rinsed away with the remaining water into the drain. More than 90% of the rainwater entering the WFF is filtered and collected by this principle.

The full cross-section of the rainwater drainage system remains continuously open in the WFF system. There are no restrictions or obstructions in the appliance on which rainwater can collect. This is especially important in hail storms and torrential rainfall. In such cases 50% of the filtered water is still transferred to the storage cistern. Excess rainwater is led directly to the rainwater drain or soakaway.

The rainwater inflow, cistern inflow and drain outlet can all be turned 360° so that pipes can be connected from any direction. The filter mesh is virtually self-cleaning by the action of water flowing over the vertical mesh.

Pitched roofs of slate, clay or concrete tiles are most suitable for collecting rainwater. Planted roof areas are less suitable because of the low water collection efficiency and the brown colour imparted to the collected water. Non-sealed asbestos cement roofs are less suitable, the fibres of this roof covering tend to block the fine filter mesh.

With the optional blind insert (accessory) the collection and filtering of the appliance can be stopped. The rainwater from the roof then flows directly into the drain (for maintenance etc.).

If necessary (for deeper underground installation) an extension pipe can be installed up to ground level (accessory).

Components of Vortex Fine Filter


  1. Housing cover (inspection opening)
  2. Catch pin to secure cover
  3. Lifting handle
  4. Filter insert
  5. Engagement groove for securing cover
  6. Intermediate of end ring for sealing the cover
  7. Rainwater inlet
  8. Cistern outlet
  9. Drain Outlet
  10. Centering nob
  11. Reducing piece
  12. Centering groove
  13. Connection
  14. Extension piece (accessory)


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