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Filter and Collect Rainwater

  • for installing in vertical rainwater downpipes
  • use for roof areas of up to 150 sqm
  • more than 90% rainwater collected
  • minimum maintenance
  • the full cross-section of the rainwater downpipe remains clear
  • the unique construction of the vertically placed fine filter rinses out dirt particles larger than 0.18mm, moss, leaves and insects into the drain.

The Filter Collector (FS)

The rainwater coming from the roof through the downpipe is drawn through the vertically placed stainless steel filter insert by adhesion forces, it then falls into the collecting space and is led through the outlet (DN50) to the storage cistern.

Because of the unique construction (German patent no. 3812136) the dirt particles contained in the rainwater (larger than 0.18mm) are rinsed directly into the drain with the remaining rainwater. More than 90% of the water passing through the FS is filtered and collected by this principle.

The full cross-section of the rainwater drainage system remains continuously open in the FS and STFS systems. There are no restrictions or obstructions in the appliances on which rainwater can collect. This is especially important in hail storms and torrential rainfall. In such cases 50% of the filtered water is still transferred to the storage cistern. Excess rainwater is led directly to the rainwater drain or soakaway.

Pitched roofs of slate, clay or concrete tiles are most suitable for collecting rainwater. Planted roof areas are less suitable because of the low water collection efficiency and the brown colour imparted to the collected water. Non-sealed asbestos cement roofs are less suitable, the fibres of this roof covering tend to block the fine filter mesh.

Resistance to corrosion and frost is absolutely guaranteed. The compact design allows simple and easy assembly on almost all rainwater downpipes.

With the optional blind insert, the collection and filtering of the appliance can be stopped. The rainwater from the roof then flows directly into the drain (for maintenance etc.)

The Standpipe Filter Collector (STFS)

It is a standpipe and filter collector in one and is an alternative to the filter collector, where this cannot be installed for technical or visual reasons.

The advantages of the STFS:-

  • Laying the cistern inflow below ground ie. no second pipe visible
  • larger collecting space and thus an even higher efficiency with heavy rain.


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