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VoR Algae Controller XXL

For Large Industial Purposes - 150 x 150 metres

The VoR ALGAE CONTROLLER is the strongest algae destroyer on the present world market. It was developed by experts who make it their goal in life to create the absolute top in the field of algae extermination in water with regards to distance and time. The specially designed transducer is a waterproof element, which converts the electrical power into sound vibrations in frequencies that are fatal for various kinds of algae, but inaudible and harmless for human beings and (most) animals.

The distance that has to be reached by the ultrasonic vibrations is of decisive importance, not the volume of the water. The speed with which the algae are killed depends on the kind of algae that have to be treated, but one thing is certain; there is no other ultrasonic device at the moment which operates as fast as the VoR ALGAE CONTROLLER.

The electronic part of the device is built by computer specialists and updated to the latest developments.

How it Works:

The transducer of the VoR ALGAE CONTROLLER hangs in the water, about 12 cm below the surface, mounted under a float of modern design, which is not conspicuous as its aqua colour blends with the water. Because of the way the transducer (underwater speaker) hangs in the water, the sound waves will be reflected by the water surface and will fill the water volume entirely reaching all present algae. The vibrations rip the vacuole (the microscopic cell in which all life functions of the algae are housed) thus killing the algae.

The market for this super algae killing device:

The VoR ALGAE CONTROLLER can be used in:-

  • Industrial water supplies
  • Lakes
  • Ponds
  • Swimming pools (Olympic size)
  • Drinking water storages
  • Cooling towers
  • Water purifying systems
  • Water storages for the horticulture industry
  • Irrigation installations for the garden industry
  • Recycling water containers
  • Raceways for aquacultures
  • Waste water recycling plants

Technical data:


Power consumption:


Cable length

150 metres all around (horizontal and vertical)

25 Watt

220 or 120 V

17 metres

Installation is quite simple:

The electronic box has to be mounted in a dry, covered place.

After putting the plug from the transducer cable into the corresponding socket of theelectronic box, the float with the transducer can be put in a suitable place into the water in such a way that the front “looks” through the water mass and covers as much as possible of the water that has to be treated. The vibration beams leave the transducer in an arc of 180 degrees

If everything is fixed according to the instructions, the relevant plug from the electronic box can be put into the mains (220 or 120) From this moment on the device is in operation and within a day or two you may already observe the first results.


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